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Attorney Arlaine Rockey represents clients throughout North Carolina and Florida, as well as in all other states with local co-counsel. Ms. Rockey handles complicated child custody cases for protective parents, as well as other civil and criminal trial court and appellate cases. Ms. Rockey brings extensive experience, knowledge and professionalism to every case tailored to your individual needs and concerns. Ms. Rockey has been practicing nationally since 2002. Read her free legal advice articles and learn about her in-depth consultations.

If you want Ms. Rockey to consider taking your case, send her an email at with a summary of your case, the state and county where it is located, and your contact information. See more here.



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Areas of Practice


Ms. Rockey has represented hundreds of parents, grandparents, step-parents and other relatives in visitation and custody cases. Ms. Rockey focuses on complex custody cases, including issues of:

  • Child Physical & Sexual Abuse

  • Domestic Violence

  • Mental Health

  • Substance Abuse

  • Protective Parents

  • Parental Alienation

  • LGBT

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Ms. Rockey handles appeals in the North Carolina and Florida Courts of Appeals and Supreme Courts. She also handles other state court appeals nationally with in-state co-counsel.


Ms. Rockey has represented hundreds of battered women. In NC, you can apply for an emergency Domestic Violence Protective Order, pursuant to NCGS Ch. 50B (“DVPO” or a “50B”), any time on your own at the Superior Clerk of Court’s office or after hours, at the Magistrate’s office. You can contact the local battered women’s shelter for counseling, safety planning or an emergency and safe place for you and your children to stay. Ms. Rockey can help you file your case, or take the case after you file it, to represent you at the “10 day” hearing (the trial).


Ms. Rockey represents clients with felony and misdemeanor criminal cases throughout North Carolina. She offers pre-paid flat fees, sometimes with payment plans.


Ms. Rockey has represented hundreds of parents in Department of Social Services (“DSS”)/ Child Protective Services (“CPS”) abuse, neglect, dependency, and termination of parental rights cases in Juvenile Court. If you have been contacted by DSS / CPS, you need to talk to a lawyer immediately. The sooner you get legal advice, the better the chance that you can prevent your children from being placed in foster care. If your children have been placed in foster care, you need a lawyer to represent you who has experience dealing with DSS / CPS to help you do the right things as soon as possible. If you fail to meet the requirements set by DSS / CPS and the Court, the end result will likely be that you will either have your parental rights terminated (so that your children can be adopted) or your children will be placed in the permanent guardianship or custody of someone else (possibly a relative).



Ms. Rockey handles guardianship and standby guardianship cases. Guardianship is for adults who want to have the legal right to care for child(ren) who do not have a parent who is alive and able to care for the child(ren). Standby guardianship is for parents who have a terminal or a serious chronic illness where they may have periods of time where they need another adult to step in during times when they are not physically well enough to care for their children. The parent still retains full legal rights to their children, but shares the legal rights when there is a “triggering event” so that the standby guardian can step in with a moment’s notice. It can prevent these children from ending up in foster care. Ms. Rockey co-drafted and helped create the Standby Guardianship law 25 years ago.


Ms. Rockey handles other types of family law cases, including child support, divorce, equitable distribution, alimony (post-separation spousal support), and divorce when they are combined with a child custody case. Ms. Rockey also prepares separation agreements, which are contracts for separated married couples that can cover all family law issues. These separation agreements can be later incorporated into their divorce order and will become part of that order, and then they will be subject to the contempt powers of the Court if there are violations.


Ms. Rockey does adoption cases throughout North Carolina in private adoption cases (where DSS is not involved). The adoptive parents should contact Ms. Rockey about their case to arrange a consultation.


As a trained mediator and having three decades of experience negotiating settlements in family law cases, Ms. Rockey is a creative and tenacious mediator. A mediator is a neutral person who is not a lawyer for either side. She listens to both sides and finds out what they want to happen in their case. Then she works with both sides (either in the same room or separately) to reach a settlement agreement satisfactory to both parties, which agreement can be turned into a separation agreement or a Court Order. Ms. Rockey mediates cases for parties who do not have lawyers or who have lawyers. She cannot give legal advice to either party in a mediation. She must remain neutral. There are great benefits to the parties and the family to reaching a settlement agreement rather than going through a trial. It is cheaper, far less contentious, and usually leads to happier lives for the entire family. If you have a lawyer, you can ask your lawyer to contact Ms. Rockey, or if you don’t have a lawyer, you can contact Ms. Rockey, to schedule a private mediation.